Snow in Midsummer

New Directors Competition

Snow in Midsummer

Wu Yue Xue

Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore 2023 Fiction Cor 116 min.

On May 13th 1969, Malaysia went through a rough time: after the election, violent riots erupted across the country with the objective of repelling Chinese people and cultural manifestations. On that day, Eng and her mother are watching the Chinese opera, in Kuala Lumpur. She manages to hide from the attack, but loses contact with her father and brother. In 2018, Eng runs into the Chinese opera chief who, on that fateful day, confronted the government over the opera’s permit. Together, they share memories of a more peaceful time.

Presented in the Venice Days section at the Venice International Film Festival.

Malaysia Taiwan Singapore history family drama international festivals repression violence memory


Chong Keat Aun


Chong Keat Aun


Jerry Hsu


Goh Ai Chen

desenho de som

Tu Duu-Chih, Wu Shu-Yao

design de produção

Chiang Bao Shan


Yii Kah Hoe, Chong Keat Aun


Wan Fang, Pearlly Chua, Rexen Cheng, Pauline Tan, Peter Yu, Alvin Wong


Wong Kew Soon

produzido por

Janji Pictures

world sales

Swallow Wings Films


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