Nahuel and the Magic Book

Special Screening

Nahuel and the Magic Book

Nahuel y el Libro Mágico

Chile, Brazil 2020 Animation Cor 97 min.

Nahuel is an introverted boy who is afraid of the sea. Even though he spends his days helping his father, a great fisherman, in the little village by the sea where they have lived all their lives. Their relationship is cold and distant, because Naguel believes his father is disappointed to have a kid that is unable to get into the ocean. One day, Nahuel finds a magic book that seems to be the solution for his troubles. The book, however, is desired by an ambitious wizard, who, in a frustrated attempt to take advantage of it, ends up capturing the boy’s father and separating them in the middle of a terrible storm. It’s the beginning of a fantastic adventure that will take Nahuel, across an archipelago, into the depth of his own fears.

Presented at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

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Germán Acuña


Juan Pablo Sepúlveda, Germãn Acuña (versão brasileira: Sabrina Bogado)


João Carlos Fragoso

design de produção

Contanza Adonis, Germán Açuña


Cristóbal Carvajal


Sebastian Ruz, Sabrina Bogado, Patricio Escala, Livia Pagano

produzido por

Formidable Studios, Punk Robot Studio, Levante Filmes



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