Kissing the Ground You Walked On

New Directors Competition

Kissing the Ground You Walked On

Hai Ou Lai Guo De Fang Jian

Macao 2022 Fiction Cor 94 min.

Chao is a writer who has not written for years and is looking for a tenant to share a spare room in his house. One day, Chong, an actor, comes to rent the room. His clear and innocent eyes have evoked the writer’s interest, and he begins to refer to the new tenant as the blueprint of his new novel. When the writer finds out that the daily life of the actor is a performance in itself, he enjoys being a loyal audience to this fake persona.

Presented in the Bright Future section at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Macao literature international festivals theater LGBTQIA+


Hong Heng Fai


Hong Heng Fai, Emmy Ip


Charlie Sou Wai Kin


Hong Heng Fai

desenho de som

Ellison Lau

design de produção

Paula Lo Pou I


Ellison Lau


Wong Pak Hou, Lam Sheung, Chan Fei Lek, Jenny Mok, Cheang Nga Man, Chan Sai Peng, Un Iat Hou


Gene Yao, Heng Fai Hong

produzido por

Day Day Studio Co.

world sales

Swallow Wings Films Co


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