6 Films By 6 Filmmakers

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6 Films By 6 Filmmakers

6 Films By 6 Filmmakers

Iran 2023 Fiction 89 min.

A selection of fictional short films crafted by Iranian women. Set against the backdrop of Iran’s deeply patriarchal society, these 6 films bring two interwoven themes emerge: the experiences of women and children. From the delicate and fragmented recollections of childhood memories, to depiction of women within diverse power dynamics, this collection beckons viewers to engage with emotions often overlooked in the tapestry of everyday life. Project curated by Pegah Pasalar and Sadaf Sadri, and by the art platform Cryptofiction.

"THE ZOO" (2021), by Nafiseh Zare

While at the zoo, Ranaa’s mother reveals that her father has left them. As they stroll past empty animal cages, Ranaa reflects on the significance of absence and the importance of cherishing what they have.

"DISSOCIATION" (2021), by Peivand Eghtesadi

An eight-year-old boy named Pouya is working on his homework while his aunt, Eli, assists him. Suddenly, Pouya disappears, and Eli discovers him hiding under the bed and has panicked due to not being able to recall his deceased mother’s voice.

"RAYA" (2020), by Sepideh Berenji

Nine-year-old Raya and her family are forced to evacuate their home, but Raya may have found another way out.

"REGION" (2021), by Asma Ebrahim Zadegan

Everything is ready on the set, but the shooting is not going well. The actress is nervous; she
thinks everyone expects her to be someone else. The man is confronted with the absence of his wife; he doesn`t know how to handle it.

"IRAN, SECON DAY" (2021), By Kiana Montajabi

A girl waits to be picked up from school, but her mother never arrives.

"HAIR" (2022), by Samaneh Yadollahi

In Iran, an elderly woman experiences hair loss due to aging. However, her husband forbids her from entering the kitchen fearing her hair might fall into the food. This film follows her journey to reclaim her own kitchen.


Iran feminism motherhood death war female director short film family


Nafiseh Zare, Peivand Eghtesadi, Sepideh Berenji, Asma Ebrahim Zadegan, Kiana Montajabi, Samaneh Yadollahi

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