Aki Kaurismäki
Aki Kaurismäki

Aki Kaurismäki

Born in Finland in 1957. Known by his irreverence, he is one of the most famous Finnish filmmakers. The 15th edition of the São Paulo International Film Festival has brought a retrospective of his work, screening the films “Crime and Punishment” (1987), “Calamari Union” (1985), “Shadows in Paradise” (1986), “Hamlet Goes Business” (1987), “Ariel” (1988), “The Match Factory Girl” (1989), “Leningrad Cowboys Go America” (1989) and “I Hired a Contract Killer” (1990). Some of his following films were also exhibited at the festival, among them “La Vie de Bohème” (1991), “Total Balalaika Show” (1993), “Drifting Clouds” (1996), awarded with the Audience Prize at the 20th Mostra, Juha (2000), “The Man without a Past” (2001), “Lights in the Dusk” (2006) and “The Other Side of Hope” (2017), winner of the Silver Bear for best director at Berlin International Film Festival.

Filmes já exibidos na mostra

  • Historic Centre (37ª MOSTRA)
  • Bico (28ª MOSTRA)
  • Lights in the Dusk (30ª MOSTRA)
  • Those Where the Days (16ª MOSTRA)
  • The Man Without a Past (26ª MOSTRA)
  • Drifiting Clouds (20ª MOSTRA)
  • Hamlet Goes Business (15ª MOSTRA)
  • Ten Minutes Older - The Trumpet (27ª MOSTRA)
  • I Hired a Contract Killer (14ª MOSTRA)
  • Calamari Union - Good Nigth, Frank (15ª MOSTRA)
  • Ariel (15ª MOSTRA)
  • Crime and Punishment (15ª MOSTRA)
  • Shadows in Paradise (15ª MOSTRA)
  • La Vie de Bohème (16ª MOSTRA)
  • Total Balalaika Show (18ª MOSTRA)
  • Juha (25ª MOSTRA)