The Orphan of Anyang (2001)

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An unemployed worker, a gangster at death’s door, and a young prostitute who can not raise her child. Three lives, three destinies, and one sole certainty: a lack of prospects that, to some extent or another, affects all three. The prostitute is about to give away her child to anyone who will take it upon themselves to bring him up for 200 yuans a month. This agreement may prove a way out for Yu Dagang, an unemployed worker who can not find a job and who ekes out a living by selling meal-tickets. The baby may also be a hope for a gangster who, having discovered he suffers from leukemia, wishes to make him his son and heir. “This film is a realistic reflection of the lives of people in the lowest echelon of a small town. The film focuses on the relationship between the harsh reality of life and the aspirations of the spirit. This is a film on despair, survival, and hope”, says director Wang Chao about his first feature. Observe the performance of the actors, since none of them is professional.

Título original: An Yang Yin Er

Ano: 2001

Duração: 74 minutos

País: China

Cor: colorido

Direção: WANG CHAO

Roteiro: Wang Chao

Fotografia: Zhang Xi

Montagem: Wang Chao

Elenco: Zhu Jie, Sun Guilin, Yue Sengyi

Produtor: Fang Li