Nabbie`s Love (1999)

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Nabbie is 79 and lives a quiet life on the Archipelago of Okinawa with her husband Keitatsu. Even though she has been married for several years, she has never forgotten SunRa, her first love, whom she met at the age of 19. Sixty years later, SunRa returns to the island and meets Nabbie once more, and she decides, then, to live her great love. All of the events are followed by Nanako, Nabbie’s granddaughter newly-arrived from Tokyo. Director and script writer Yuji Nakae uses this script to show the peculiarities of life in Okinawa, amongst which, the music, which plays an important part in the life of the population. Okinawa was invaded by the japanese in the 19th century and, following the Second World War, was under U.S. surveillance until 1972, when it once more became Japanese territory. The theme-song is by Michael Nyman, who also wrote the sound track for films such as The Piano (1993) by Jane Campion.

Título original: Nabbie No Koi

Ano: 1999

Duração: 92 minutos

País: Japan

Cor: colorido


Roteiro: Yuji Nakae, Motoko Nakae

Fotografia: Kenji Takama

Montagem: Ryuji Miyajima

Elenco: Naomi Nishida, Tomi Taira, Seijin Noborikawa

Produtor: Isao Takenaka, Shirou Sasaki