The Shelter of the Wings (1993)

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Buddhadeb Dasgupta continues with his poetic film-making where metaphors play a fundamental role and questions are more important than answers. In this film, he follows along with the sad trajectory of Lakhindar, a man hopelessly displaced in his profession as bird catcher and pathetically imprisoned in the failure of his marriage. After the death of his only son, Lakhindar can not prevent the distance and coldness that pervade his home. His wife can no longer love herself or any other person. The only feelings left to Lakhindar are in his devotion to the birds. He catches them, only to then release them, for all he wants is to get to know them better. In this process, he loses the woman he loves, but wins the love of the birds.

Título original: Characar

Ano: 1993

Duração: 90 minutos

País: India

Cor: Colorido


Elenco: Rajit Kapoor, Laboni Sarkar, Sadhu Meher, Indrani Haldar, Manoj Mitra