Mile Zero (2001)

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Derek Ridley is a father with an infinite capacity for love. His emotional frailty, however, makes him feel he is unable to love himself. When his marriage goes adrift, he embarks on desperate rash attempts to regroup the family. He finally works out an elaborate plan whereby he will travel with his youngest son to the Rocky Mountains. He believes that there, in the heights where wind and snow prevail, he will find the utopia of the wilds, able to restore an idyllic world from the past. Father and son ascend higher and higher. By degrees, past and present enter into shock and bring forth conflicts that have not yet been resolved. Director Andrew Currie says, about his film that “the most frightening and beautiful place in the world is the human heart”.

Título original: Mile Zero

Ano: 2001

Duração: 93 minutos

País: Canada

Cor: colorido


Roteiro: Michael Melski

Fotografia: Robert Aschmann

Montagem: Reginald Harkema

Elenco: Michael Riley, Sabrina Grdevich, Connor Widdows

Produtor: Trent Carlson, Blake Corbet