Farelavita (2001)

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Farelavita includes the same protagonist from the director’s previous feature: Antonello, a Neapolitan, who makes a living as a transvestite on the streets of Turim under the name Rosatigre. His “partner at work” is Wanda, a kind of female alter ego. Together, they brave the dangers of the night and exchange secrets. She might have been a teacher, but she preferred the streets, invariably in the hopes of finding her true love there. Rosatigre, in turn, dreams of becoming a singer. With them, it is possible to get to know some of the types of “men” and a little of the colorful life of underground Turim. Once again, the director invests in the existential choices of men and women and in all of a universe of prospects that are open as from these.

Título original: Farelavita

Ano: 2001

Duração: 100 minutos

País: Italy

Cor: colorido

Direção: Tonino De Bernardi

Roteiro: Tonino De Bernardi, Filippo Timi

Fotografia: Tonino De Bernardi

Montagem: Pietro Lasssandro

Elenco: Filippo Timi, Giulietta De Bernardi, Walter Ricciarelli

Produtor: Tonino De Bernardi