Venus Talking (2001)

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Venus Siebenberg is a writer in her early forties. With the advent of middle age, she decides to devote some time to family life in the country. Her editor offers her a good deal: to leave the farm for some months and settle in to a modern office with a beautiful view to the River Spree in Berlin. All, so that Venus will be able to write her next novel “Venus Talking”. On one of her evening walks through the city, she meets handsome Fabrizio with whom she eventually has an affair that makes her feel young and free once more. But Venus does not stop there. Soon Bernhard, a successful young entrepreneur comes on the scene, and also takes her to bed. It is unfortunate for the author, however, that her family catches her in the act of adultery by means of a secret camera connected to the Internet. Venus Talking is a story of love, lust, and treachery, under the critical eye of Director Rudolph Thome as regards new technology of an invasive, indiscreet nature.

Título original: Venus Talking

Ano: 2001

Duração: 95 minutos

País: Germany

Cor: colorido


Roteiro: Rudolf Thome

Fotografia: Carsten Thiele

Montagem: Karin Nowarra

Elenco: Sabine Bach, Roger Tebb, Vladimir Weigl

Produtor: Rudolf Thome